Meet Jo Ozden

Welcome to Yoga Holidays Turkey, my little piece of paradise created for the perfect well-deserved Yoga break/ With No rules or regimes just a space to indulge in everything Self-Nourishing for a truly self-empowering week or two that will naturally enhance your life no end.

My first taste of Yoga came at just the right time in my life as I was a suffering of the disease Rosacea for 15 years and I felt and was losing control of my life. I was unbearable to live with, a workaholic, grieving, angry, frustrated life existing nutter. And at that time I didn’t know how to get myself out of the vortex of suffering and self-sabotage Until my friend convinced me to go with her to a yoga class when I was pregnant with my daughter 16 years ago. I had no clue about what yoga was or what it could do for me but in that very first class, yes that very first class! it taught me something and got me feeling something that I had never experienced before that led me to take a good look at my life and the courage to change and get living. Was was it? BREATHING. Learning to breathe in that class for a few seconds was what got me hooked as in those split seconds my body came off guard, my mind so still and along with the stretching, I had felt ease in my back after suffering from terrible pain for years due to my long career in hairdressing. After that experience, I tried to get to yoga classes as much as I could over the coming years while trying to juggle my business, children, and family life. Maybe you know that feeling?

The more classes I attended, the feelings of calm and mind space started to have a powerful effect on my whole being and for the first time in my life, I felt a self-connection and began to start to understanding myself and taking notice of myself. Yoga and meditation really made me realise that I knew nothing about myself. My hamster wheel, people pleasing and emotionally ignoring life where I fed, washed, cleaned and ignored myself was all I knew and spent years hiding behind my smile. But on the inside, I was hurting and suffering badly. Over time I started to tune it to what mattered to me found my courage owned up to my suffering and made some big changes in my life to embrace my life and this is how my dream came true to open our yoga holiday retreat centre here in beautiful Side.

I love what we have created here in this wonderful old historical town. It is my Husbands family home for over 45 years. It’s where we first met, 22 years ago, it has a great soul and holds years of wonderful memories.

The happiness I feel in my life now is the continual dedication to myself, yoga practice, and lifestyle changes got me changing my career moving country so I can share and help others from my 16 years experience of yoga, embrace themselves to live a life of freedom and dream fulfilling goodness.

I am guiding yoga and doing what I LOVE. Yoga had a huge impact on my life, helping me overcome so much like the sudden death of my father when I was 25, from a car crash. Having the disease Rosacea on my face for over 15 years, Putting my work life before my own and family, to name a few. To helping me realise what mattered to me Helping me be a good mum to my beautiful children a wife and giving me the strength to nurse and loose my mum to cancer in March 2013. But most of all getting to know my good self and how I like to live, feel be, and fulfill my dreams. 🙂

Every one of us has a story and with all my life experiences it has taught and helped me to grow so much as a person. It has been very hard at times but a phenomenal journey. Through my yoga practice, I have learnt, what a profound effect the breath can have on our lives this alone has helped me understand myself and my rosacea. Turned my grief into a celebration of life and has got me here to share my passion and EMPOWER people to be Brilliant at our beautiful oasis here in Side.

I love watching the transformation in people from the time they arrive and to the time they depart. Our chilled vibe takes over throughout the holiday. Stresses and tension release and happiness pervade. It is so lovely to watch.
We have created an environment to relax, meet like-minded people, enjoy life-enhancing yoga in a super location.

What we offer is not a strict Yoga Retreat like so many. We have a very laid back approach, no rules, tight schedules or expectations. Unlike a Yoga retreat, our oasis is situated in the heart of old town Side, which may not suit some if you are looking for total solitude. Golden beaches are at the end of our road and beautiful historical attractions on every corner along with the vibrant Turkish Culture and places of interest all nearby. Our holidays give you space and time to reconnect, learn, develop, deepen and GROW your yoga practice and life with ease and fun. Enjoy delicious food, lazing on the beach or exploring it is a perfect place to step out of the old routine.

If you are reading this then maybe you are feeling tempted to come join us. Maybe it’s your first holiday alone, By the way, 99% of our guests are solo women travellers 🙂 as we charge NO single room supplement. Maybe it’s your first time to Turkey or maybe you have done a bit of yoga and are not really sure. Perhaps you have done yoga for a while and would like to deepen your practice and step into your power. Please message me with any questions I would love to hear from you or Click Here to find out what my guests had to say 🙂

“You’re so beautiful and organic in your power, Jo! And it’s deceptively hard! Love it”.Sadie Nardini. Wellness expert & founder of CSV Yoga.

” Warm, friendly atmosphere and a slice of utopia – from the moment that I stepped off the plane from my chaotic hectic stressed up world I was made to feel welcome.The venue is a tiny piece of Utopia with a courtyard full of trees decorated with hearts and ribbons – where I was greeted with warmth and smiles – hot tea drinks and fantastic breakfast are served”. Sally.

“Jo’s teaching style immediately takes you into a state of bliss. I’ve been doing yoga for over 15 years and have never experienced a teacher who immerses you so effortlessly into practice quite like Jo does.I love how she incorporates the spiritual, mental and physical elements in such a harmonious way. It took me to another level of actual reunion with myself. I will be flowing with Yoga Holidays Turkey again as soon as possible namaste,” Margo

“Hi Jo, I’ve been on many yoga holidays, but Yoga Holidays Turkey was the best one I ever experienced. Not only is the atmosphere super relaxing and in the perfect location”. Andrea

“I have practised yoga for 12 years, and I have never practised in such beautiful surroundings. The surroundings were conducive to relaxation and enjoyment. Practicing yoga three hours a day is a wonderful way to deepen your practice – I found that I was able to release and go deeper into poses than I had ever done before. I like that Jo’s classes were relaxed and flexible – tailored to the needs of the individuals in the class, and not fixed in stone – she seemed to know when we needed a more energetic or relaxed class”. Wendy

” I want to congratulate Jo for all your effort to make this happen, really well done. Everything that comes from the heart has a good outcome. I just want to say that the students and I could feel your heart in every aspect, and this is a success in itself. This was a fascinating experience and one I would love to do again” Marcela

“Jo is an amazing and welcomed us into her family. She was a fantastic host who looked after every detail for us. Her husband met us at the airport, and her beautiful children were so warm and a lot of fun”.

“Well where do I start….what a fantastic holiday. Everything under one amazing roof of love, passion and serenity!! Side is just fantastic” Lucy

“I really benefited from this week as I’ve become more comfortable with incorporating softness in my practice. Jo is emotionally available, and her teaching approach is grounding. If I had to describe the style of yoga she teaches, I would call it ‘Jo-Canada’, Ananda meaning bliss in Sanskrit, because that’s what Jo offers…Thank you, Jo, for a beautiful experience! – Fadela, yoga teacher

“The surroundings might be a little busy for people who want a full on silent retreat, but for me it was idyllic, golden beaches just steps away. It allowed me to practice yoga & have a relaxing holiday all in one. I honestly cannot think of any way that it could be improved. It far exceeded my expectations. I only wish I could stay longer (and take your children home with me).

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We look forward to meeting and welcoming old and new guests for more Yoga, fun & relaxation goodness in the sun!

Jo and Murat