About Side

 About Side

View across to the Temple

About Side. Side (meaning pomegranate) is a resort town on the southern coast of Turkey, near the town of Manavgat, 75 km from Antalya. Surrounded by stunning ruins, including the waterside Temple of Apollo and a well preserved Roman amphitheatre, which still hosts colourful performances. Side is one of the best-known classical sites in Turkey. Side’s natural geography made it the most important place in Pamphylia from the Mediterranean to Mount Taurus. This location also made Side, Turkey one of the most important trade centres of its time. Today, the ancient city of Side is situated on a small north-south peninsula about 1 km long and 400 km across. Side is one of the Turkish Mediterranean’s most attractive and Historical resorts.

View overlooking the Amphitheatre


Side’s archaeological importance means there are strict local planning regulations, which has helped the town maintain its charming character. Strolling down the pedestrianised main street brings you to a harbour filled with pleasure boats overlooked by restaurants and bars, where you can enjoy a relaxed sunset drink. The town’s long sandy beaches are some of the best on the Turkish coast and have established the resort as one of the country’s top tourist destinations. With so much to see and do like Paragliding, diving, jet-skis (every kind water sport is available) while many prefer just to laze in the warm Mediterranean sun.

Sunset from the harbour

Side is at the centre of a beautiful and very diverse region where the Taurus Mountains descend to the Pamphylian Plain. The unspoilt Sorgun forest, just east of the resort, offers walks with ancient history on every corner. There really is something for everyone in this beautiful area of Turkey. If you would like to experience the perfect harmony of history, golden beaches just steps away, nature, inspiring yoga, meditation, holistic therapies and relaxation. We look forward to meeting you here in this beautiful part of Turkey.

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