Un-Obstruct Your Body


Un-Obstruct your body and mind with conscious breathing and movement.

Not giving a shit about ourselves and spending time making sure they look good on the outside and ignore what is going on on the inside can become a nasty habit. Until that is the body gives up trying to send us subtle messages to take notice and BOOM it takes us down.

For me, I could no longer ignore what was going on on the inside. My face gave my game away. It was full of Rosacea. Looked redraw like a bad case of sunburn, itched like you wouldn’t believe with white heads that would just appear at random. The attention it drew to me was a nightmare. And what was going on inside behind all the redness, itchy and burning skin was my best-kept secrets. But looking back was pure self-sabotage.

Owning up to my suffering and you know what I mean by suffering. The shit that creeps into your mind at night when you are trying to sleep on repeat night after night, day after day or that dense heavy feeling we carry around with us in the pit of our stomach hiding behind our smile.

Tuning in and unleashing my courage, self-responsibility, and vulnerability to except the state I was in and begin undoing my experiences, blaming, grief, anger and start taking care of myself were my life changing moment. Yoga and breathing have played a massive part in this transformation.

I am passionate about sharing and I believe No One should suffer from the past. We have so much power inside and all we need to do to feel freedom on all levels and we must take action. It’s the best decision I ever made to see what I was all about, remove my suffering and loving myself up.

Come join the experience and be the everything you wish to see in yourself

Let’s be honest about home Yoga Practice!

Let’s be honest indulging in a home yoga practice is not easy for most of us!

Maybe you feel like it, or maybe you don’t. Perhaps you come to your mat with ease; maybe you don’t. Maybe you have good intentions to practice, but the mind has other ideas, and I still get this resistance even after 15 years of practice. Life has an excellent way of whipping us up into the offering and giving world and we the giver suffer. We need to change that up so we, receive, receive, receive. 🙂

Why? Because it takes effort and discipline to self-nourish, take time out and be kind to yourself.

How do I do it? I think of the outcome after a sweet 5/10/15 minutes of breath connection and movement it’s a gift to self and will be of great benefit to my whole being.

Move with grace and allow your body to reveal its softness its strengths and weaknesses when we offer kindness and respect through the challenges and ease.
Become your witness and feel the space that occurs from deep inside your being through your conscious breathing.

Get into the habit of indulging in yourself, your quiet space, move in a way that feels great and reap all the fruits of your incredible efforts and self-dedication.

Life becomes so much easier; health improves, and happiness pervades BOOM!

Jo <3

Watching My Student Grow and Blossom.


Last night I was teaching my lovely student 1.2.1. Now this is a lady that started flowing with me a year ago to the day. Another regular student of mine brought her along to class. She was brand new to yoga and for me to be someone’s first yoga guide is always a lovely thing. We started to flow together with my philosophy or moving with ease and flowing with what you have to breathe and enjoy the flow.

At the end of class, I invited my class to get comfortable for a guided savasana and whilst guiding them I offer a shoulder/neck/face message or whatever I feel the student needs at that time to take them into a deeper state of relaxation. And I will never forget that when I got to my new student she was led with her feet and legs tight crossed and her arms securely crossed over her chest. I could see she was finding it very hard to be still and quiet and was moving and shifting a lot. I felt a sense of stress and business about her and really thought that maybe this Yoga lark was not for her.

Well, 1 year down the road I can say that my now friend is the most dedicated Yogini. After riding the waves of life through a big transformation, we have flowed and laughed together, softening and embracing and using her yoga to listen and guide her. To help her work through the rough and sometimes lonely times. Wow, I am so proud of her.

We flowed together last night and then celebrated her year since she first stepped on the mat with a glass of wine and dinner and what a wonderful place she is at now. She is growing and I have watched her find her direction and where she wants to be. She talks with courage and great belief in herself and the work she has done for herself is incredible. From that first lesson of being so closed and rigid and in every savasana, I would gently take hold of her legs and invite her to release, soften and open and guide her arms by her side. Her flow over the last year has softened and Grown and you could see and sense the connection to self, the trust she had for herself slowly blossom, allowing herself to enjoy the exploration of her beautiful being and it has been an absolute pleasure to be part of your journey. 

Keep Rocking your flow and believing in yourself and that everything and anything is possible. Thank the past for all its lessons and enjoy the journey ahead:)

Namaste xo

Here is the Reply from my wonderful Yogini –

Such lovely, and very true words. 
I love it, hun, it made me cry ( in a good way! ) 
When I think back to then, I can’t believe where I am now! 
Although, I’m sure if it hadn’t of been for you and your teaching style then I would have walked away from that first practice and never came back and/or thought about yoga again. 
I’m now a year into my journey and I am so pleased that I’ve had the privilege to discover the wonderful practice of yoga, along with all of it’s incredible benefits! 
Being able to share the experience with you and make a new friend along the way has been simply amazing! 
Thank you for guiding me and keeping it real along the way! 
Love you always xx