Hi my name is JO, and I genuinely believe YOU find what they need at the right time in YOUR life, and I am So HAPPY that what you need is ME and my Change-Making Yoga Retreats.

Are you feeling in need of some quality YOU TIME? 

Feel in need of a BIG helping of Self-Nourishment? 

Ready to check-out of your daily schedules and life demands and check-in to my beautiful Oasis to relax, restore and tune into your beautiful self?

Indulge yourself in 8 breath-centered yoga practices with me. The very same practice that transformed my life, I design before each class to deeply nourish you to introduce or deepen your unique Yoga Practice.

Enjoy your own private en-suite room in a stunning location set in one of Turkeys oldest towns drenched in history and breathtaking antiquity with golden beaches at the end of the road? Indulgent Buffet breakfasts, excellent company and plenty of free time to indulge in as you please.

YES! then please Click Here pick a week and let me secure your place!

They call me a 'Change-Maker' and I LOVE It as this is what I see happen here each week on retreat. Transformation, Healing and Self-Awareness Goodness. Guiding you to discover your real potential through breathing, (pranayama) and moving in a way that feels so good in your unique body naturally softens your mind, creates self-awareness and awakens your BRILLIANCE to embrace change and transformation to Own Your Life.

Jo is emotionally available and her teaching approach is grounding. If I had to describe the style of yoga she teaches, I would call it ‘Jo-ananda’, ananda meaning bliss in Sanskrit, because that’s what Jo offers… Thank you Jo for a beautiful experience!

Fadela Hilali - Life Coach

Jo I cannot thank you enough truly amazing holiday such an inspirational lady and your yoga is like none I have practiced before! Only been home 4 days what a transformation already can't wait to come back To your little paradise.

Donna - Self-Employed

17 years ago I was far from Owning My Life, but from the onlooker, I looked like I had it all. Own business, nice car, home, husband, new baby, the latest clothes and always smiling. I did an excellent job of living that life until I couldn't live that life and keep lying to myself anymore. I wasn't happy inside FULL STOP. Inside I felt strangled in grief from the sudden death of my father in a car crash. Had Rosacea for 13 years on my face. Suffered chronic back pain from being a workaholic, anxious, angry, self-sabotaging human.

YOGA (not gym yoga) Yoga a life-changing practice is what healed and made me an expert in Self-Care & Self-Awareness and I am so passionate about sharing my knowledge and yoga lifestyle to take YOU from right where YOU are to where YOU want to be. To live a happy, healthy, fun, loving life on your terms.

95% of my guests are solo female (men welcome) traveling in from all over the globe to indulge in my retreat experience, and not one person has ever left feeling like it wasn't the best investment they have made for themselves. You can read my Praise Here.


Dear Jo I just wanted to say a huge heart felt 'Thank You' for such an amazing, powerful, transformational week Jo and as I write I am emotional because I absolutely enjoyed every single minute of my Yoga practice. Jo is an amazing teacher, all my worries about being inflexible, overweight, inexperienced just were non existent. xxx

Shaz - Co-Ordinator

Any questions? I would love to hear them?

Contact Jo 00905345523328 | info@yoga-holidays-turkey.com

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