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On Sunday a heard the sad news that Ant was arrested for possible drink driving and has re-admitted himself back to rehab to get help, and I really hope he gets the help he needs, bless him.

There are so MANY Ant’s in the world I WAS ONE OF THEM hiding behind my smile giving off the impression everything was just fine in my world while I was hurting and struggling daily inside.

I know so many people are shocked to hear and see Ant this way as his persona showed so different but this is what can happen when the sit hits the fan we put all our efforts into looking and being the happiest in the room to cover our pain or suffering.
There are many people just like Ant hiding behind there smiles just to get through the day. It is such a lonely difficult place to live, exist and sometimes the ones that struggle the most find it the hardest to ask for help so internalise trying to ease it some other way.

THIS IS WHY I SHARE AND CONTINUE TO SHARE there is no shame in asking for help admitting you are struggling, but for some of us we have to hit rock bottom before we do so just like dear Ant.

I know people find it hard to reach out,. We don’t want to be a burden, but WE MUST. Suffering is so damaging, and the day I picked up that phone and called my midwife to say I needed help she came and diagnosed me with postnatal depression.

Hearing this was the beginning she came to see me every week and listened to me about how I felt and thank god for her. This was the start for me my next call was to the bereavement counsellor; I came to that point where I didn’t want to feel and exist this way anymore.

So my journey began I admit it takes dedication, courage and getting to know yourself well but understanding me, changed my life and what I know now is, it is way harder to live in suffering in mental torture in old stories in blaming being my own victim than in Freedom.

We are all in this together so PLEASE if your smile hides suffering or discontent, then REACH OUT.

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