Are you a self-saboteur?

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I was an expert self-saboteur and it kept me stuck for years until I began to understand my pattern then I could start breaking down my habits like, constantly talking myself out of things, trying to be someone I wasn’t, doing things against my will and certainly not putting myself first to name a few. One thing about being a self-saboteur is that is it exhausting because you are constantly battling with your authentic self and natural alignment.

That decision to break the cycle started by me listening to my needs and ignoring my negative mind that naturally eased my heaviness and self-sabotage tendencies. I really didn’t realise how much power and courage I had until I started embracing life with my own hands in making the changes to be and do what I wanted. Life opened up there was no more pretending, my mask fell off and my body softened. I became so much happier and creative and hanging and being with myself became a wonderful thing.

We are constantly evolving and what suited us 10 years ago may not be the case today. We all have habits and ways of thinking but maybe it is time to free your habits or change them up to meet your needs today.
Drop limiting thoughts like
This won’t work…
I can’t do this…
I’m too busy right now…
I’m just not ready yet…
I’m just not good enough…

Take more risks and take a chance on yourself and snap out of old limiting mind and behaviour patterns that might leave you with regrets and  haunt you for the rest of your life. NOW is your time to make changes! And who can make it happen YOU, you wonderful soul!

Start today and kick that self-sabotage in the ass 🙂

Wishes and Sunshine

Jo <3

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