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For some of us, it is hard to say yes. Things we dream of the way we want to live and feel. We let People and things become our obstacles. So many puts there needs and dreams on hold because they are caught up in things like relationships, other people opinions OR just can’t find the courage to take that leap for themselves.

When we say yes to things that we believe in or believe to be good for us to take us to the next level we are opening the door to our success our brilliance. If you were born with passion in your heart you know that you just have to act on it otherwise life can feel dull, frustrating and unfulfilling.

For example – Sooooo many people enquiry about my retreats generally with a sweet little explanation about why they feel they need a holiday like mine. Usually, the reason is that they have fallen into the caregiving side of life. They feel exhausted unappreciated and like they have put their life on hold, Or have become sick, close to burning out or there body has become painful and all of a sudden they are like “hang on a minute” What about me?

But would you believe that so many will still try to justify and question “Do I Really need this holiday”, and I am like shouting at my computer screen YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS you do.
After our correspondence or phone they book and leave wondering why they didn’t do this for themselves years ago.

Saying yes stepping you into your power and i’m talking about things that light you up make you thirsty for life not saying yes because you are worried to say no.
Keep rocking your path, it is precious and needs to be tendered because REGRETS are not an option.

Look after yourself well. Be in this life for the distance. Check in with yourself or loose yourself.


Check out this link for some great reason why you should be saying YES!

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