Faking it till you break is bullshit.

So its the end of the first part of my summer season of sharing what I love to guests that beautifully gave themselves time to organise a holiday for Themselves to chill out and reap the amazing benefits, transformations, and love for themselves from 8 yoga practices and our beautiful location.

My niche is women from women ranging form the age of 35 to 60 who resonate with some or a part of my story or have been recommended by a friend to come and get some serious chilling and re-connection going on. And yes I agree my place and the way I teach yoga is just the perfect combination to flow into all that you are, sometimes into the deepest parts of you only to discover how amazing it feels to spend time indulging and getting to know how your body and how it loves to move and feel from this incredible healing practice because if you go through life ignoring your body messages you will loose.

So many people are frightened of there own history and experiences as at that time all they felt was pain, discomfort, loss of control, anxiety, depression, weight gain, body pain so they feel it is better to just push all the suffering deep inside hoping and praying that one day they will feel better. Ahhhhhh sorry to break it to you but NO it will never just magically disappear just like the pain in your knee, you back, you heart, your flabby tummy, rash on your skin, bloated tummy, why you lack energy or all the times you are waiting in the doctors surgery for a magic pill.

The Body is YOU and YOU are the Body.

Another great line I hear ALOT is “I haven’t got time in my day to practice” which basically means I am ignoring myself and the way I feel by keeping busy and masking the fact and putting all my energy into helping others, trying to prove to my boss, working long hours, helping others sort there lives out basically just putting all your attention into everything but yourself and then wondering why you feel so shit.

Over just one week of Yoga I have watched so many pole unfold and soften. So many come with injuries and pains and leave forgetting how shit they felt when the arrived. One lady came with knee problem and limping and left with no pain and no limp.
Lower back and shoulder pain most common in so many. One lady told me she loved her Yoga teacher back home but said she had stiff shoulders and to basically accepted it but I was like ahh no you just need to soften she didn’t believe me at that time but after the 1st practice she was so full of smiles and couldn’t’t believe what she had just experienced in her shoulders just from that one class.

Suffering is not a way to live and we all have been through something over the years and YOGA is just the perfect experience to ease all suffering, break down those habits and fixed ideas and get living and making the most of you body and life we are so lucky to live in.

There is no excuse to not practice Yoga and I am talking about YOGA no Yoga Exercise,

Do you know that most of the new people that come stay and practice yoga here have NEVER been taught about the breath in there local yoga classes and why? because its Exercise they are teaching not YOGA.

There are no quick fixes but having said that I have seen such profound transformations in just a week. Its a journey and one that should be enjoyed and indulged in because once you make Yoga part of your lifestyle like making a coffee, spending hours on your phone strolling through other peoples nonsense, or giving all your energy to life suckers you start to reap the awards instantly.

Self Neglect and faking it till you break is bullshit and is becoming a new epidemic, running away from your true happiness, ideas, dreams and desires, instead of learning how to be with yourself, spending time reconnecting with your own Wisdom, believing in yourself not what society wants you to believe to become you very own best caregiver.

Yoga of the healing kind can offer your body, mind and soul all it needs to feel fabulous from the inside out and I know this from my own experiences with the practice such as

Healed my Rosacea of 13 years
Released my grief, Anger
I was a workaholic
I Loved to self sabotage
Got me living not just existing

So you see I am against all forms of suffering, hiding behind smiles, pretending all is well, and waiting for the doctor to give you your miracle pill or answer because the answer is in you and the more up close and personal you get with yourself we can understand just what it is release it and let that heavy shit go.

This is why I love to share and it all comes from my experiences and my heart, nothing text book here and with my own personal transformations that I have learned mainly from dedication and surrender to myself has transformed so many others that I have guided over the years. Its a beautiful thing an amazing practice and I hope to share with many, many more along my journey.

So if you are ready to receive this wonderful self-nourishment and self-connection and to stop living life in the past lane then I have a few places left for September and would love to welcome you here to come get your unique yoga practice on and reap its rewards.

Wishes and Sunshine

Jo xo

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