Let’s be honest about home Yoga Practice!

Let’s be honest indulging in a home yoga practice is not easy for most of us!

Maybe you feel like it, or maybe you don’t. Perhaps you come to your mat with ease; maybe you don’t. Maybe you have good intentions to practice, but the mind has other ideas, and I still get this resistance even after 15 years of practice. Life has an excellent way of whipping us up into the offering and giving world and we the giver suffer. We need to change that up so we, receive, receive, receive. 🙂

Why? Because it takes effort and discipline to self-nourish, take time out and be kind to yourself.

How do I do it? I think of the outcome after a sweet 5/10/15 minutes of breath connection and movement it’s a gift to self and will be of great benefit to my whole being.

Move with grace and allow your body to reveal its softness its strengths and weaknesses when we offer kindness and respect through the challenges and ease.
Become your witness and feel the space that occurs from deep inside your being through your conscious breathing.

Get into the habit of indulging in yourself, your quiet space, move in a way that feels great and reap all the fruits of your incredible efforts and self-dedication.

Life becomes so much easier; health improves, and happiness pervades BOOM!

Jo <3

  1. John Mahoney on January 4, 2017 at 11:50 pm

    Thank you for talking about the difficulty of doing yoga at home. I can see that this is a serious concern since life gets in the way when we try to exercise on our own and we and up not doing it right if at all. I would want to make sure I find a place that would work with my schedule and could help me improve my poses and health.

  2. yoga philosophy on January 11, 2017 at 6:15 pm

    Hello, I appreciate your honesty in writing your thoughts about practising yoga at home but I also find nice and interesting have a kind of relaxing friend yoga sessions and why not involving kids too, because as far as we know yoga is good for health, mind balancing but is also fun!!!

    Thanks for letting me share my thoughts.


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