When I stopped trying and started exploring.

Yoga for me was all about trying. I joined an Ashtanga class that challenged my body and my mind to the max which had a sure reflection on the way I lived my life.

I challenged myself to work harder, to be better, as I thought this would result in happiness. My fierce yoga practice that most of the time left me with feelings of frustration as I tried my hardest to get into the hard poses that everyone else in the class was doing listening to my negative mind chatter saying things like

I will try to do better
I need to try harder
I’m rubbish at yoga
I am awkward
I am stiff as a board
I am not any good
I can’t even touch my toes left me feeling not very good about myself at all, and this way of practicing resulted in a couple of broken toes, very painful knees, and it fueled my Rosacea as I was striving all the time on the of the mat.

I hear this a lot from people that arrive on retreat. I always ask how people feel about their practice and most of the time I hear negative answers like the ones I use to tell myself.

This negative chatter sucks, and it is what I learned to let go off to enable me to drop the struggle and connect with how I practiced yoga and lived my life.

My yoga practice changed when I started to explore myself rather than keep pushing and struggling with myself and have faith in myself to soften, grow and expand into my natural rhythm.

Trying takes effort and can cause tension in the body. Which is the opposite of the practice of yoga? Breathing deepening with consciousness has been my best lessons and when we allow the breath to guide us on and off the mat our body and life open up.

It will not only light up your power, but your body and mind respond so much quicker to your journey that will flow you into your true essence, flexibility, greater health and ignite your magic.

Yoga is about oneness, union and we must practice for ourselves, for life balance and ease. Personally, I don’t care what people look like in a pose I always wonder what the journey was like to get there, what was the experience, hows your breath, how does it feel in your body, what do you notice. So many people are in the pose for acknowledgment and how it looks on camera.

Breathe, flow and explore your beautiful self and reap the fruits of your practice.

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  1. Janie Pengilly on February 26, 2017 at 5:49 pm

    Truly inspiring!! Thank you. X

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