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“You’re so beautiful and organic in your power, Jo! And it’s deceptively hard! Love it”

Sadie Nardini. Wellness expert & founder of CSV Yoga.

Hi, Jo here. I am pleased you are interested in knowing more about me as I love meeting and guiding people that want to make the best out of there lives.

I created my Peace of Paradise in 2009 to attract freedom-seekers from all over the globe. My retreat has no strict rules or regimes just a beautiful space to indulge in everything self-nourishing for a genuinely self-empowering week or two that will naturally light you up, leaving you feeling spacious, fulfilled, vibrant, healthy and happy

Yoga came into my life just at the right time. I lost my dad in a car crash when I was 25, and I was suffering from the disease Rosacea on my face for 13 years. I felt like I was losing control of my life because of my trauma and lifestyle choices. I was full of grief that manifested in me becoming a workaholic, angry, a blamer, unbearable to live with, insomniac, life-existing nutter.

At that time I felt like I was drowning in a vortex of suffering and self-sabotage and had no idea how to help myself. Within this time my friend convinced me to go with her to a yoga class when I was pregnant with my daughter 16 years ago. I had no idea what yoga was, but in that very first class, I felt something that I had never experienced before. Freedom! like my body had come off guard. It was as if my badgering mind had stopped and along with the stretching, I felt ease in my body, especially my back after suffering from horrendous pain for years due to my stressful life and long hairdressing career.

After that first experience, I tried to get to yoga classes as much as I could over the coming years while trying to juggle my business, children, and family life. Maybe you know the feeling?

The more classes I attended, the feelings of calm and mind space started to have a powerful effect on my whole being, and for the first time in my life, I felt a self-connection and began to start understanding and taking notice of myself. Yoga and mindfulness made me realise that I knew nothing at all about myself. I had constant negative mind chatter was a people pleaser, and so emotionally unattached. I fed, washed, cleaned myself and looked great on the outside but kept ignoring my feelings and body pains. I spent years hiding behind my smile. But on the inside, I was hurting and suffering badly.

Over time I started to tune into what mattered to me. I slowly found my courage, owned up to my suffering and began to take small steps to freedom. I began healing myself. My Rosacea (disappeared) and grief become my most significant lessons. Offering me the tools to feel, understand and release. I learnt to embrace my life, change my career, move to Turkey and opened my yoga holiday retreat centre. It then became so natural to me to share and offer how good it feels to breathe and move in a way that feels great from the inside out that naturally invites transformation and ignite your magic here in beautiful Side.

I welcome you all, as my breath-centred practice and transformation tendencies 🙂 nourishes everybody from people who relate to any part of my story or are experiencing something similar? Maybe you are new to yoga? Yoga teachers looking for some quality R&R. People in various stages of recovery, Rosacea, grief, or people with injuries or limitations.

I look forward to welcoming you here to indulge in your magic together 🙂

“Jo’s teaching style immediately takes you into a state of bliss. I’ve been doing yoga for over 15 years and have never experienced a teacher who immerses you so effortlessly into practice quite like Jo does. I love how she incorporates the spiritual, mental and physical elements in such a harmonious way. It took me to another level of actual reunion with myself. I will be flowing with Jo again as soon as possible namaste,”


“Hi Jo, I’ve been on many yoga holidays, but your’s was the best one I ever experienced. The atmosphere is super relaxing and in the perfect location”.


“I have practised yoga for 12 years, and I have never practised in such beautiful surroundings. The surroundings were conducive to relaxation and enjoyment. Practicing each day is a wonderful way to deepen your practice – I found that I was able to release and go deeper into poses than I had ever done before. I like that Jo’s classes were relaxed and flexible – tailored to the needs of the individuals in the class, and not fixed in stone – she seemed to know when we needed a more energetic or relaxed class”.


“I really benefited from this week as I’ve become more comfortable with incorporating softness in my practice. Jo is emotionally available, and her teaching approach is grounding. If I had to describe the style of yoga she teaches, I would call it ‘Jo-Canada’, Ananda meaning bliss in Sanskrit, because that’s what Jo offers…Thank you, Jo, for a beautiful experience!

Fadela, yoga teacher

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