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You are the answer.

        I had a conversation with someone yesterday who was complaining about being overweight, stressed, unable to relax, overworked and very unhappy with herself even though she is the reason she is feeling, looking this way. What I find fascinating about people is that they can feel there imbalance and unhappiness. Because…

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Yoga a healing practice

Yoga a healing practice – I have mentored a lot of yoga teacher trainees in the making and what hearing a lot is that so many wonderful guides with so much to share feel/get demoralised from qualifying and trying to share their practice when some Gym/studio after trial periods say they are not the type…

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Faking it till you break is bullshit.

So its the end of the first part of my summer season of sharing what I love to guests that beautifully gave themselves time to organise a holiday for Themselves to chill out and reap the amazing benefits, transformations, and love for themselves from 8 yoga practices and our beautiful location. My niche is women…

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Un-Obstruct Your Body

  Un-Obstruct your body and mind with conscious breathing and movement. Not giving a shit about ourselves and spending time making sure they look good on the outside and ignore what is going on on the inside can become a nasty habit. Until that is the body gives up trying to send us subtle messages…

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When I stopped trying and started exploring.

Yoga for me was all about trying. I joined an Ashtanga class that challenged my body and my mind to the max which had a sure reflection on the way I lived my life. I challenged myself to work harder, to be better, as I thought this would result in happiness. My fierce yoga practice…

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Let’s be honest about home Yoga Practice!

Let’s be honest indulging in a home yoga practice is not easy for most of us! Maybe you feel like it, or maybe you don’t. Perhaps you come to your mat with ease; maybe you don’t. Maybe you have good intentions to practice, but the mind has other ideas, and I still get this resistance…

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Are you a self-saboteur?

I was an expert self-saboteur and it kept me stuck for years until I began to understand my pattern then I could start breaking down my habits like, constantly talking myself out of things, trying to be someone I wasn’t, doing things against my will and certainly not putting myself first to name a few.…

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Meditation in just 2 minutes!

Do you Meditate? Or as I like to call it “sit quietly”?   I meditate because I use to be controlled by my mind it would have me in a constant state of anxiety and negativity, have me making up scenarios and conversations in my head about things in the future, it would have me…

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Yank your hand back!

  Most days something, someone will try to drag us off our path. We can wake up and begin our day feeling positive then we are thrown off by, work, friends colleagues, children, partners, husbands etc. When we go against our grain there is an immediate reaction in our body, either that gut feeling, we…

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Living the Dream and how I got here.

  Yoga Holidays Turkey is one big dream of mine that is growing and flourishing every year. 2013 will bring us into our 4th year of business and 5th year since we left the UK to set up our new life and future her in Turkey. I love the winter time it’s when we as…

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"Tune Into Yourself Or Suffer"

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