One to One Change Making Sessions

One to One Change Making Sessions


Empowering You To Freedom!

Are you ready to find out what you need to know about yourself to live an amazing, happy life?

Having suffered from Rosacea for 13 years I can totally relate to anyone not only suffering from Rosacea but from any type of emotional or physical suffering as it can sometime feel like it taking over your life. With my 16 years experiences and knowledge to inspiring people to find what they need to know about themselves to transform and power themselves forward to freedom  My one to one Change Making Sessions have helped so many people and NOW it could be your turn to tune in and OWN YOUR LIFE.

Sessions are taken over Skype and I will help you from your own story and needs so you can start dissolving away the symptoms and the resistance that is keeping you suffering or stuck and get you rockin all that you are.

It is really simple to get going. Click Here to email me and I will reply and send you a questionnaire that will give me some good information on how I can help you best. I will be totally open with you as I ask you to be with me and I will offer you all of my 16 years knowledge in an easy no bullshit way to get you tuning in through open conversation, breathing exercises, yoga, whatever I can offer you that I have tried and tested so you can embrace your life and feel freedom.

Once I receive your reply we will make a date to meet over Skype and get Your Change Making going on!

The cost £100

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“I took the opportunity for a one-on-one session with Jo. Using a combination of personal development coaching and mentoring (due to my particular needs), Jo designed a tailor-made programme for my self-practice at home to help me maintain and build on the work that I had done with the group. She was able to adapt her style to my personality and challenge me to practice mindfulness off the mat as well as on it”. Julie

“Being a complete beginner of yoga the best session of the week for me was undoubtedly the extra session you and I had together. That was very good and what has encouraged me to continue”-Andrew.