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Mentoring and Supporting You to understand and release your Rosacea. 

Do you know there are an estimated 45 million people worldwide suffering from Rosacea with even more suffering from Acne? For 13 years I was a victim, it covered my Face. 

Rosacea started when I was 25 years old in the height of my career. Suffering from constant Red flushing cheeks & chin. A bulbous red nose, painful papules, itching, burning and severe low self-confidence. 

Searching google for a cure, visiting doctors, dermatologists only to be told there is no cure and here take these antidepressants? Spending thousands on laser treatments, facials, creams and potions only to wake up in the morning and see NO improvement? I hear you because I had 13 years of that trauma.

Rosacea doesn’t just affect our face. It kills our self-confidence, makes us hate the way we look, we feel anger, frustration and blame, But I have some good news after nine years I have cured myself and now help many women across the globe heal themselves from the grips of this soul-destroying disease  

The cure is waiting inside you, and if you are ready to do some work you will discover that our emotional, and physical wellbeing hold all the answers to heal us, and once we address and own up to how we feel on the inside, we will find the cause and start to heal from Rosacea.  

How I can support you!

3 hour long calls each month - total number of calls 9

I will be with you every step of the way.

I will be available for you through the duration of the package via email.

I will Provide you with personal videos, tools, resources and worksheets full of action steps, advice that will keep you well on the path to freedom.

I have had many years working with myself and many others. I have been of a practitioner of Yoga for 17 years, and my passion for helping others got me nine years ago opening my very own yoga retreat here in Turkey to do the work I love offering Change-Making Yoga Retreats. I get to guide and witness people transform on an emotional and physical level right in front of my very eyes each week. 

I have no one-size-fits-all formula as each one of us so unique; how we work together are designed for you to meet all of your needs. 

I will give you 100% of my attention, and I will share with you what cured me, all my knowledge so I can offer you my advice to get you healing and feeling your freedom. 

We will arrange a good time for us both to speak online. From our conversation, I will learn the best way I can serve you. What techniques will be best suited to you and then we will begin to dive in, get clear and courageous to start your healing process and I will be with you every step of the way.

So here are my healing tools to you and there are far too many to list here but the ones below are the ones I come back to time and time again with my clients and are indeed the ones that guided me home to excellent health, clear skin, happiness and excited about living

Defiantly Breathing - consciously breathing has profound effects on our whole being and can be a game changer from experiences that first long exhale. 

“Breathing! A healthy soul practice that is so underrated.”

Guided meditation - a superb way to look under the hood, to feel, notice and allow your body to gently offer you what you need to understand, release and let go. 

“Quiet the mind and let your soul speak.” 

Journalling - another fantastic tool. When we take a moment a write down the way we feel or express our selves through writing, we can see things clearer, and all sorts of Magic reveals itself. 

“Journalling is a voyage to the interior” - Christina Baldwin. 

Self-awareness - What are your values, goals, plans, and priorities. We need to change our mindset and get back in touch with ourselves and to start looking at the bigger picture.

“When I discover and embrace how I am, I’ll be free.”  

Yoga - some people prefer to talk, others love to move. Depending on you I can design you a yoga sequence (Not Gym yoga there is a difference). 

Yoga is incredible as it only wants to see you shine 💫  Yoga was/still is a big part of my healing, and it could be for you too. It teaches us how to be tender with yourself and how when we breathe and move in a way that feels incredible in our body we experience our complete self, and it is beautiful. 

“Yoga as a healing art.”

Self-care - we will look at how you take care and nourish yourself? I have spoken and helped many rosacea suffers, and one thing we slack on is Nourishing & Tending to our own Needs first. Most of us seem to be givers or worries about what people think of us, so we give more. Well, together we will be looking at how we can start giving our offerings back to self. Believe You body, mind and soul will LOVE it. 

Caring for your body, mind, and spirit is your greatest and grandest responsibility”.

On a personal note I can not rate this work enough. Dedicated time and getting to know yourself well is the only way to Rise and Thrive. No matter how you feel right now inside there is a solution to get well, heal and cure yourself from the grips of this disease. 

If you are ready? Lets do this 💚




3 months - 3 calls per month


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