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Rosacea Now Estimated to Affect at Least 16 Million Americans. 415 Million People Affected by Rosacea Worldwide.

Personal suffering is on the rise and something I suffered from for years in the form of Rosacea a soul-destroying disease that covered my face leading me into deep self-sabotage that killed my confidence and made me an irate person. Rosacea evolved from my suffering that I tried to keep a lid on pretending life was ok and hiding behind my smile, but there was no hiding, it was there to remind me every single day until I found the courage to own up to all I felt to begin to heal. One of the best decisions of my life.

I have been helping people heal from personal suffering for many years, through online mentoring and on my retreats here in Turkey. After suffering for 13 years, I am ROSACEA Healed, and I have been for six years, and I genuinely believe and am living proof along with my clients that if you re-sensitise with yourself  HEALING becomes a very natural process.

Personal suffering can show in many forms. Mine was Rosacea and Vitiligo, anxiety and self-sabotage while others can get symptoms like Chrons, body pain, skin conditions, feel stuck in the past, low self-esteem & confidence, all coming from past experiences and maybe our growing up years.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Reaching out for help can be a big deal for so many of us, but I want to encourage as many as I can to do so. I offer a FREE clarity session that will get you quickly finding out and understanding how your symptoms are showing up for a reason. We can speak over the phone or Skype (my preferred choice) I will listen and offer you advice on how you can start freeing yourself of your suffering to living your life you dream on your terms.

Message me NOW, and let's get you booked in to see if I am a good fit for you to guide you to start showing up for yourself.

Look forward to hearing from you, Jo. xo

“The two sessions a day worked well, particularly as you build up through the week. The best session of the week for me was undoubtedly the extra session you and I had together. That was very good and what has encouraged me to continue”.


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