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Jo Ozden

  • Founder and Owner of Yoga Holidays Turkey
  • Recognised (CSV) Core Strength Vinyasa (Advanced) Yoga Guide – Sadie Nardini
  • Principles Yoga Anatomy Diploma – Lesli Kaminoff
  • Re-Imaging Alignment Breath-Centered YogaDiploma – Leslie Kaminoff
  • Hatha Yoga Diploma

“Jo is emotionally available and her teaching approach is grounding. If I had to describe the style of yoga she teaches, I would call it ‘Jo-ananda’, Ananda meaning bliss in Sanskrit because that’s what Jo offers…Thank you, Jo,, for a beautiful experience!”

Fadela Hilalette – Yoga Teacher

Hi, thank you taking the time to read about me. I am so glad you are here.

If you are feeling that any part of your life is out of balance? then you are in the right place. 17 years ago I decided enough was enough and embraced myself and learnt how to live on my terms by my rules.

I am a freedom-seeker, anatomy fascinated, life loving Junky but it was always that way as 17 years ago I was a mess on all levels. My practice that I love to share comes from my own life experiences, and all of these experiences have enabled me to do the job I love. I have learned that changes in our lifestyle and habits can have a massive magical effect on our life and happiness, and I love sharing with all I meet, in a perfect Peace of paradise just steps from the ocean.

My first taste of yoga was when I was pregnant 17 years ago. After my pregnancy, I found an Ashtanga yoga class that I loved, but over time I realised I needed a softer slower approach. I liked the focus on the breath, but I wanted something more nourishing.

After a while of doing my self-practice and reaping the benefits, I decided to take a teacher training course in to deepen my knowledge. It enhanced my life and practice and soon started to show me how I could face everything I was hanging onto, understand it and let it go to move on, and the transformation in my body and mind was quite surprising.

Along with my journey, I came across a teacher Sadie Nardini and was so inspired by her breath-centred anatomy based flows that I decided to deepen my studies with her. I had finally found a style a yoga I loved and loved me.

I opened my retreat centre in 2009, and when I am not teaching, I have continued to deepen my practice with Leslie Kaminoff. Sharing his knowledge of 40 + yoga lifestyle and from his teacher T K Desikachar is what has brought me to this place in my life of sharing, guiding and encouraging people to move in a way that feels great in their unique body and yoga practice.

This way of moving will give you a greater appreciation of your unique body that organically ignites your fire and wakes up your desires, dreams, and excitement for life that you just have to act upon it. Dissolving and releasing inner and outer body tension, increasing flexibility, building strength, self-focus for a total body and mind connection. Stepping you into your power to live an enjoyable, healthy & happy life.

The spiritual connection that Jo nurtures within each attendee of her practice are important to mention. It is not a case of turning up and having your workout, but a practice in opening the mind and expanding the imagination, using your body as a tool to this end. The quality of yoga on this retreat is really excellent, trust me!


I design all my classes around every student I guide.

The AM class might look something like this.
We begin by becoming aware of our breath to reap its profound effects on our whole being. We start to warm ourselves up from the inside out. Moving from our centre, we flow through a combination of sequences standing and seated while keeping our focus calmly on the breath.

The beauty of flowing and moving in this way is you will glide gracefully into your practice more than you ever thought possible, whether the movement is challenging or comes easy.

Breath-centered yoga creates beautiful self-connection. The body and mind become spacious creating pathways for powerful transformation. I offer lots of variations to cater for everybody’s practice. You will get to know your body A LOT. Ending each class in savasana (relaxation) Giving the body and mind space and time to reap all the incredible benefits.

Our PM classes have a RELAXed Vibe.

Exploring, a more restorative Yoga for a more profound connection, allowing tension to dissolve giving us a good deal of time to notice our body and any sensations to encourage healing and mind space. It is an excellent complement to our morning practice. Pranayama, (breathing) guided meditation & Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) for deep relaxation will be explored. An Overall fantastic experience for your mind-body and spirit.

After just one week you will have gained vast knowledge your body and mind giving you a great foundation, the tools and confidence to begin your yoga practice when you return home.

“Jo you are such a genuine down to earth, warm, real yoga teacher that’s just one of the many reasons that I will be back for you’re teaching”

Colette – Manchester


“I appreciate the way Jo approaches her practice according to the individual. We were all at different levels and of course, brought individual characteristics and approaches, which Jo observed and nourished. This comes from Jo’s intuition and observations, which isn’t something you can be taught. It had the effect of experiencing a bespoke tuition albeit within a close knit group who learned from and encouraged each other. Each practice was unique and captured accurately the vibe of the group on that day”

Gill, London

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