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There is no you or me? No them? There is only us?

Nothing separates us from each other only our perception of the other.

We are all unique, and If I see or feel something in you, that unsettles me know that it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with me.

If you rock up a feeling in me that makes me uncomfortable in your company, then I see it as a sign to self-reflect and take notice of why I feel that way about you and why it is bringing up that judgment about you.

This is how we evolve and heal as a person!

Of course, everyone we meet will not light us up, but in my experience, these people are our best teachers. It may be a brief encounter or an old friend that stirs us up giving us a great reason to check-in.

Without self-reflection on how things, people, and situations make us feel how can we heal?. How can we grow?. How can we support each other?

There is nowhere to run. Only from your truth.

I thank everyone I meet for reflecting who I am and who I am not. May it be a friendship for ever or one that was a fleeting visit.

Freedom is what I seek and want to feel. The journey is beautiful if you choose it to be?

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