Yank your hand back!


Most days something, someone will try to drag us off our path.
We can wake up and begin our day feeling positive then we are thrown off by, work, friends colleagues, children, partners, husbands etc.

When we go against our grain there is an immediate reaction in our body, either that gut feeling, we tense up, the mind starts trying to think of ways to get out of whatever it is and the discomfort and stress begins.

Each time we yank our hand back we are stepping into our own personal power and wow it feels fantastic. This was a hard lesson for me to learn as I was a people pleaser for years. Being talked into things I didn’t want to do, going places I didn’t want to go all because I didn’t want to upset that person or feel bad and I knew from my gut feeling it wasn’t the right decision but I didn’t have the courage to say no or yank my hand back to what was important to me.

Yanking my hand back had the most opposite effect to what I expected. The people that mattered respected my wishes and the people that didn’t understand dropped away making space for new friendships, my life opened up and doing what is important to me feels great!

Get good at yanking your hand back ignite your power and always do what is important to you <3

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