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Yoga a healing practice

Yoga a healing practice – I have mentored a lot of yoga teacher trainees in the making and what hearing a lot is that so many wonderful guides with so much to share feel/get demoralised from qualifying and trying to share their practice when some
Gym/studio after trial periods say they are not the type of yoga teacher they are Looking for because let’s Face it who wants a yoga teacher that teaches breathing ffs. No, they want some teacher to offer yoga exercise. Do you know that so Many people come to Holiday with me after doing yoga in their local gyms or nearest studio and so few of them have not been shown, guided or taught how to breathe, it’s astonishing that these places call it yoga?

What seems to happen is New yoga teachers feel they need to invest more sometimes thousands more in another training or different styles because then that will make them ready to share and teach. I mentored a lady and she had done about 4 Yoga teacher trainings and so many other courses she looked way more qualified than me on Paper but came to me because after all that training she still couldn’t find her confidence or voice to teach.

Learning is immense on all levels but find your foundation and your belief in your practice and grow it from there

If any one thinking to embark on a yoga career then Yoga has to come from your years of self-practice. From a place of self-healing and courage to face the shit that has gotten you interested in yoga in the first place because after all yoga is a healing practice. When we look to deepen our knowledge to share our journey, what we have learned, discovered, and healed from THEN becomes your gift to share with ease. Use the tools from your Teacher Training to enhance your own-self knowledge and healing process and then naturally you want to share it. There is no text book to tell you how to teach it is organic and has to come from the heart. This is what will attract your tribe.

Build on what you have and discovered. The roots are within you don’t get dragged along and spend your precious money on training that makes these people richer. Make yourself richer by trusting in yourself getting to know what you are all about and the reasons why you practice.

Yoga has escalated over the years and with so many types of yoga to choose from now and yes it suits everyone on all different levels but I will not get demoralised because I love my offerings and so do the people I guide and you new yoga guides out there never let anyone make you feel your unique yoga offerings is not enough.

Take a look at my reviews here on Facebook or on my website and see how I am helping people along with their lives even transforming people’s lives if I’m Modest but can I get accepted in places like Body Mind spirit or other festivals around the globe to share my offerings? No. And do you know when you apply and fill Out the application form they ask you things like how many followers you have on social Media and how many social Media accounts you hold.

My classes on retreat are not 30 people deep because this is not the way I can reach each person in my class and guide yoga. But I have been guided and hosting retreats for 8 years? So does it make me a Less teacher from the rest? I suppose it must do in the yoga “world”

I have helped new guides find their voice, with lesson planning and designing classes for all levels and abilities, to guiding people with injuries, finding their confidence to deliver, using their unique life journey that makes teaching come so much easier to them. Also with social Media tips and getting your message out there to reach the people that need your yoga.

The way I guide yoga with never change to suit the masses, it’s an evolving practice and when I see transformation happen before my very eyes, like body pain dissolve, minds becoming restful, people feeling how great it feels to connect to themselves, people flowing with ease and feeling so spacious, open, strong and flexible with their deepest desires and dreams coming into fruition. Delving into a wonderful journey of self-discovery, that for some are for the first time ever they have put their self and needs before everyone else in their lives and relationships?. I know where my yoga is at. And yes I would Love to shout it from the roof tops and reach much more people that need my yoga and what I offer through doing my own work on myself. I am so grateful for all the people that come and recommend me to friends, family and colleagues and for all the social media tips Lynda Pheonix Digital shares with me to help me keep reaching out.

For all you yoga teachers in training or new yoga guides out there you Keep growing your unique practice and if I can help you in any way as I have helped so many then I would Love to work with you.

I have no fix strategies or systems we work organically with exactly what you need to know, learn, develop to get you to your place of guiding, deepening and sharing your passion.

How – You can come intern with me here on Retreat then we follow up on-line Or we can work online together

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    thanks for great post.

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