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I had a conversation with someone yesterday who was complaining about being overweight, stressed, unable to relax, overworked and very unhappy with herself even though she is the reason she is feeling, looking this way.

What I find fascinating about people is that they can feel there imbalance and unhappiness. Because they talk about it all the time and are full of ideas that they have googled about how they can feel better (usually costing them a shit load of money). They are so reluctant to look at themselves for the help they need and often look at me with that look of (what the fuck are you talking about) when I say yoga can guide you home, and give you so much back for taking the time to dedicate to self.

There is no miracle drug out there, guru, doctor, it has to come from you. Ok, they can guide you, but learning the profound effect that conscious breathing offers and yoga that is free to everyone who is brave enough to get to know themselves so you can be your best self-carer and make getting to know YOU the most important thing you can do in this lifetime.

I can only speak from personal experience and what yoga has done for me. If you look at my backstory, it has enormous changes. What people don’t get it that she, he, it, that, has no answer for you. It is You that holds the key to your balance, happiness, destiny your future.
The way you feel and allow your mind to control you is the cause of so many peoples imbalances and suffering.

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